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As we’re growing up, our bones continue to get stronger. As we get older, they start to get weaker. It’s all perfectly normal, as bone is actually a living tissue that is constantly being removed and replaced. However, the older we get, more bone is naturally lost than is replaced and that’s why it’s such an important time to look after them.

Unfortunately, it’s the same with our muscles. We start to lose muscle from our early 30s and with it muscle strength and power for our bodies. This accelerates during our 40s and 50s and is also one of the reasons it’s harder to keep weight off as we get older.


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Calcium, protein and vitamin D are all crucial in keeping your bones and muscles strong. ProU is a delicious, natural and convenient way of getting high levels of all three in one go. The first of its kind on the Irish and UK market, this sumptuous Greek-style yogurt contains less sugar than normal yogurts, comes in six mouth-watering flavours and is available in these stores, right now.

As well as having twice the protein and calcium of other yogurts and less sugar, ProU comes in four delicious flavours for U to enjoy: Natural, Strawberry, Raspberry and Mango & Passionfruit. So grab a spoon and get ready for something that does good and tastes great.

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