We regret to inform you that ProU Yogurt will no longer be available in supermarkets from the 2 nd half of November. We have been committed to supplying Ireland’s most nutritious yogurt to stores across Ireland. Despite initial success in supplying stores regionally, we weren’t able to scale the business nationally without significant marketing investment. The business wasn’t profitable enough to fund marketing activity at this early stage. Neither were we successful in raising the investment due to concerns over the competitiveness of the yogurt market, particularly the fact that up to 70% of product is sold on a price offer. We have therefore decided to cease production.

We still believe that there is a consumer need for a fortified yogurt. Maybe our timing was too early to convince the mass market of the need to take care of bones and muscle, particularly into later life. We have learnt a lot through this venture. We are happy to share our understanding of this business with those brave enough to target the emerging smart ageing market.

The table below shows examples of some foods that can contribute to your calcium, Vitamin D and Protein intake and the approximate amount they contain.

Meat and fish are high sources of protein and oily fish such as salmon, trout and tuna are good sources of Vitamin D. For further information on recommended dietary intake of protein calcium and vitamin D, please check the following sites;